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traditional table lamp Lighting is an important factor to consider when decorating your home.  There are two main types of lighting to use within your home — ambient and spot, which you can creatively combine to achieve the mood you desire.  Ambient lighting, in the form of ceiling lights or some types of floor lamps, will light up the room in a more general sense.  Spot lighting can be used to highlight certain areas within the room or create focal points for such activities as reading or writing.  This spot lighting is often achieved through the use of table lamps, which also double as a great accessory to help define the style of the room.

brass table lamp Table lamps are composed of several main parts:  the base, the shade, and the type of light source it contains.  The base may be made from traditional or contemporary materials such as brass, iron, crystal, or bronze.  A piece of art may serve as the foundation for a unique lamp.  Table lamps may also be constructed from clay pots or vases, bowling pins, glassware, or even driftwood.  Lamps used in children's rooms are often theme-oriented.  Desktop table lamps with hinges or a bendable neck may be positioned in a variety of ways.

Many different lampshades can be chosen to accommodate the table lamp.  They play a large part in determining a lamp's character, style and light output.  Some are very opaque, such as leather, tin, and tiffany-style shades; others — constructed from wire and rice paper, fabrics, glass, or even plastic — allow varying degrees of light to shine through.

Table lamps use a range of light bulb sizes and shapes.  These range from standard low wattage bulbs to high intensity halogen bulbs, depending on the size of the lamp and the manufacturer's recommendations.  To reduce fire hazards, it is important that these recommendations are followed.

tiffany style lamp Table lamp switch designs include lamp cord turn switches as well as lamp socket rotary turn knobs and pull chains.  Some table lamp bases even feature touch-sensitive switches and dimmers.

By selecting table lamps to complement your decor and create mood lighting, you are well on your way to enhancing the beauty of your home. features convenient links to a wide range of portable lighting suppliers where you can find many table lamp styles, designs, and specifications.

Underwriters Laboratories

As with all electrical products, table lamps must be designed and constructed with safety in mind.  Because there are so many lamp producers, ranging from big, multinational lighting manufacturers to small, custom lamp designers, it is sometimes difficult to determine whether a lamp is safely-designed.  So, many lamp manufacturers send table lamp samples to the Underwriters Laboratories (UL) organization for testing.  The UL Mark on a table lamp tells you that samples of the product line have been tested by UL safety professionals.

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