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A glass, Tiffany-style table lamp is photographed on a white background.  This antique lamp is a stylish and beautiful way to illuminate a room.  The intricate shade, which is made of glass, depicts a garden theme with pink, white, and red flowers, and yellow and black bumblebees.

While Louis Comfort Tiffany was an artist who used a wide variety of materials and media, today he is most known for his glass. In particular he is known for Tiffany lamps, which can be recognized by their intricate glass patterns. While original Tiffany lamps were well made and many originals still survive today, there are many modern manufacturers who continue to try to imitate the Tiffany lamp.

The glass lampshades on Tiffany lamps are the product of a process Tiffany developed that required layering several colors of glass, as well as decorations between the glass, to create an opalescent effect. Tiffany also added metallic salts to the glass to create iridescence.

Tiffany produced floor lamps, table lamps, wall lamps, and chandeliers. Many of these lamps featured natural motifs such as flowers, butterflies, birds, lakes, and sky. Typically, the base of a table lamp complemented the glass shade. For example, a glass shade with a garden motif may have been placed atop a base that resembled a gnarled tree.

Because consumers at the time were looking for a way to diffuse harsh electric light, Tiffany lamps became extremely popular. By 1900, Tiffany had to set up a production facility to keep up with demand. Today, Tiffany lamps are timeless, and both originals and replicas remain in high demand.

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tiffany lampshade with a rose pattern
Tiffany Rose Lampshade